Hello?…Hello? Can anyone hear me?

‘Hello…hello..Is anyone there?  Can you hear me Craig?….

So started my first foray into podcasting.  Although the flesh was willing, the technology was definitely weak, and our conversation was carried out in fits and starts over the ether.  We, every situation is a learning and I’ve learned that Skype works much better on a wifi network than a 3G dongle! Very kindly Craig re scheduled the call which was recorded without a hitch and can be found on Craig Taylor’s blog http://tayloringit.com/

I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for a while now and with the inspiration of other newbie bloggers (Niall Gavin/Kate Graham and Lisa Johnson) I’ve decided to take the plunge and start. (I know Mike that this has had a longer gestation than an elephant’s pregnancy but here goes…)

So where do I start?  I think it was John Cage whose advise to young composers was ‘start anywhere’ ….

I’m currently a Learning Curriculum Design consultant within a large general insurer which is going through a lot of change at the moment.  Although I’ve been a trainer for about 10 years now, and worked in various areas of the team and business, I’ve only been in the design team for over a year.  Having attended the World of Learning conference last year, I had my ‘Damascus’ moment and saw the potential for different learning methods and how we as a team could improve.  Along with some supportive colleagues, we are striving to improve the learning offering to the business – and having some challenges and fun on the way.

So really this blog is my space to document our journey and somewhere I can jot my ideas and thoughts, and hopefully get feedback from the wider learning community, who I’ve found to be very helpful and ready to share ideas.

I suppose the main worry about starting a blog – especially about learning – is, will anyone be interested?  Many people better qualified and experienced in e-learning and technology than me have probably said it before – but everything is a learning experience, so I’ve decided to take the plunge.

So…Hello?….Is anybody there?…..


4 thoughts on “Hello?…Hello? Can anyone hear me?”

  1. Receiving you loud & clear.

    Great start to your blog, & think you should never worry about others being more experienced or having said it before, there will always be someone less experienced, or on a similar journey, you won’t know whether your voice resonates with others until you start speaking. look forward to hearing more!

      1. Hello D!!! I hear you, I hear you!! I’m so glad you have finally taken the plunge. Do you feel cleansed now with a sense of achievement?? I love the title “carry on learning” and have requested to be notified of new posts via email so that I don’t miss out on sharing your blogging journey!

        I agree with the previous comment about not being worried that people know more than you. That is exactly how I felt when writing my first few. At the end of the day you are sharing your reflections and if someone gets to take something from that it’s great but if they dont your blog has still served it’s purpose.

        Thanks for the mention and now that there are 2 blogs on your site you should progress from #bloggingnewbies to #bloggingimprovers!! Welcome to the club!!

        P.s. I am using 3G permanently! Do you feel my pain???? 🙂

        1. Thanks for commenting Lisa!

          I know what you mean about 3G. Currently in Wales and (thankfully) on wifi, but only in the cottage. No O2 signal for phone at all!

          Thanks for all your support!


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