Captivate quizzes – a quick workaround! Part 1

Having finally decided on Captivate as our e-learning software of choice, I am getting to grips with its functionality and quirks.

We have had an influx of projects recently which have needed assessments, and as we are now using our LMS (finally) then we are creating quizzes with Captivate.  One of the annoying things with creating quizzes is the results page will not display with your chosen font.  I’ve tried using the global default settings for ‘score’, ‘attempts’ etc but although I can change the ‘You scored’ text, the actual score always appears in Times New Roman.

However our team has come up with a way of getting the right font and the result to match.

  1. Remove all of the result information off the result slide.  Don’t delete it, just move it off the stage.
  2. Insert the text you want in a text box e.g. ‘You have scored – ‘ and then insert the system variable for the score.  It should start in the list ‘cpquizinfo….’
  3. Insert the quiz variable that you want to insert into the rest of the text.
  4. Tip – the variable for the percentage attained does not start ‘cpquizinfo..’ but is simply ‘cpinfopercent’.  The quiz variable for percent only offers you the pass mark percentage.

And that’s it!  Once I started inserting the system variables, my results page looked so much better.  You can then display the text that you want by using advanced actions – but I’ll cover that in part 2!

With thanks to @alanbarnfather, @P_Daykin & @nickemmett


4 thoughts on “Captivate quizzes – a quick workaround! Part 1”

  1. But, please, try to type the variables with their correct spelling and cases, really you don’t want to confuse readers I suppose. I posted that in a previous comment, that apparently was not approved.
    The text containers with variables are rendered differently (dynamic text), that is why only MS-approved fonts will normally be rendered correctly. But there is a bug with the score slide in some themes. List with fonts can be found here:

    1. Sorry Lieve-I approve comments as soon as I know someone has left one! I didn’t receive any previous comments other than these. And thanks for the list of fonts – maybe this was our problem, we’re trying to use century gothic!…

    1. Thanks for this Lieve. I’m still just getting the hang of variables and advanced actions. From what I’ve put together I’ve found that testing, testing, and test again to make sure that the actions are doing what they should be.

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