Captivate Quizzes – a quick workaround part 2

In my last post I looked at getting most of the information from the results slide off the stage so that I could get  a consistent look with using the results (I wanted to use Century Gothic which does not seem to be supported in the preferences in Captivate).  Now I wanted to show certain text depending on what the result was.  Here is my results page now.

Results slide with blocks of text for all options

Here I’ve inserted the system variables for the quiz results.  Note that the percentage attained is listed as $$cpinfopercentage$$ as the variable that is associated with the quiz is only the pass percentage.  The blocks of text have been named ‘Failed’,’Max_attempts’, and ‘Passed’.

  • Go to Project
  • Advanced actions
  • In ‘Action Type’ select ‘Conditional Actions’
  • Name this ‘Results.

You can subdivide this action using the tabs in the middle of the page.  Name these ‘Passed’, ‘Max_attempts’ and ‘Passed’.

Under failed –

  • select variable cpQuizInfoPointsscored
  • Choose ‘Is less than’
  • select cpQuizInfoQuizPassPoints (the number of points needed to pass)
  • The action is ‘Show’ the ‘text_failed’ text on the page.
  • Under ‘Else’ select ‘Hide’ the ‘text_failed’

Under ‘Max_attempts’

  • Follow the same process but use the variables ‘cpQuizInfoAttempts’ is equal to (literal) 3
  • Action is ‘Show’ ‘Max_attempts’ text
  • Else ‘Hide’ ‘Max_attempts’ text

Under ‘Passed’

  • If ‘cpQuizInfoPointsscored’
  • is ‘greater or equal to’
  • cpQuizInfoQuizPassPoints
  • Action – Show ‘text_passed’ and Hide ‘text_failed’ and ‘Max_attempts’
  • Else ‘Hide’ text_passed.

This should allow your user then to be presented with bespoke text depending on their results.

I hope this makes sense – and I know this is quite a straightforward advanced action.  If you have any ideas as to how I can tweak this further please leave a comment and let me know.

Here are the screen shots to illustrate the points above.

Failed advanced action.
Max attempts advanced action
Quiz passed. Note that both the failed and max_attempts text must be hidden



I’ve realised you can make the advanced action leaner by only using the variable ‘cpquizinfopassfail’ and setting this to a literal value of 1.  This means that as long as the quiz is passed (variable = 1) then you can run the other actions.  If not, put the actions in the ‘Else’ tab. Just a thought!


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