Knowing when to change….

Happy new year to everyone – I hope 2013 will bring you interesting challenges!

Festivities are over, and we’re now back in the swing at work.  I’ve been asked to help out on one of our projects which is nearing completion, and, looking at the amount of design work left to do – and not being involved in the project right from the start, it prompted me to think about changing our tack on our training offering.

When would it be prudent to change your design?

It’s another one of our usuals – new system implementation.  The system is being built as we are designing material, but we seem to have been ‘led’ by the business into what they think their people will need.  Confusing ‘knowledge’ for ‘information’ (see Clive Shepherd’s very concise definition here) and also (it seems to me) also getting confused with a blended learning solution – we seem to be throwing the kitchen sink at this one – including replicating material twice, one for virtual classroom and one for face to face.  A user manual has been created, but we are now creating online modules which replicates this – but with screen shots.  Oh, and UAT hasn’t fully started yet and the drop dead date has not changed!

My thoughts are these.  Could we change our offering at this late stage?  I feel that we could, if we were smart about this, try and get what we have already and make this a very short but targeted programme which would get the basics over, but would then provide further supporting materials for the delegates when they are actually working the system.  I would think we could provide suitable material if we now looked at –

  • The overall business goal
  • What the delegates need to do to meet this goal
  • The minimum amount of knowledge they need to do this task
  • Other materials which will support this back on their teams (thanks Cathy Moore and action mapping!)

I think this would be ideal for a virtual classroom roll out – the basic processes and procedures are more or less staying and the delegates are already doing the job at the moment.

BUT – would there still be a lot of work to do.  Should we still plough on with what we have agreed – and hope that it’s finished in time (about 10 working days) or would it be better to change and offer something different? Has anyone done this successfully?


4 thoughts on “Knowing when to change….”

    1. Thanks for this Sam. I don’t think that this situation will change much this year-if fact will probably increase (the need for quick learning solutions delivered within tight deadlines) so I think this would be a good investment! Hope you’re ok BTW…

      1. When it comes to systems and process changes, performance support us a bit of a no brainer. However finding the right way to deliver it without buying Bob’s system is a bit tricky. Mind you if I held the purse strings I’d ditch the LMS and buy an electronic performance support system in a flash. (I’m good by the way! Just getting back into the blogging thing again and noticed your post)

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