Bespoke feedback in Captivate assessments – Part 3

This is a follow up post to my previous Bespoke Feedback in Adobe Captivate Assessments.  I was reviewing the results slide and thought that having the subject to be reviewed appearing with text ‘You might want to review’ on each line was a little clumsy and so I wanted to put the review text separately.

This meant I needed to add another tab in the advanced action which would present the review text if any of the subject text was going to be presented.  This took advantage of using the condition ‘if any of the conditions are true’ option.

This might sound a little complicated but it really is quite straightforward.  Have a look at the video.

Could there be another way of making the text appear?

I’d love to have your feedback!


2 thoughts on “Bespoke feedback in Captivate assessments – Part 3”

  1. Makes sense to me, Damian.

    If I understand it correctly, the review text suggests the user reviews Subjects 1, 2 & 3 regardless of which questions they got wrong?

    Could you split the actions to show the recommendation to review Subject 1 only when they get its corresponding question wrong?

    1. Hi Ryan-yes, that’s what I wanted the action to do so that all bases were covered. If passed and no questions wrong, the only congratulations text would appear. If passed and some questions failed, then relevant subject is presented. If failed, fail text appears and relevant subject shown. I suppose the only other variation would be to have two lots of ‘you might want to review the following subject’ text. One for a single subject & one for more than one-to make grammatical sense!

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