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How do I change the toner?

A recent tweet by Craig Taylor and a company called Wistia got me thinking about video for learning.  Video has been gathering pace over the last few years and more companies are introducing this as part of their learning strategy.

The Wistia blog has some very good ideas, and I think that for a company who deal with video every day, it’s both refreshing and honest of them to chart their journey with video as a marketing tool.

How do I change the toner?  – was the question that prompted the video below.  I thought that this would be a great opportunity to demonstrate how useful video could be in the business so within half an hour I’d created this video about how to change the toner in the printer.  I filmed it on iPhone and edited on iPad with the iMovie app. At the time we were using Jam as our social platform and I could upload the video from my pad.

So if you are just starting off with introducing video, try with something that is necessary but infrequent – or even something that you are always asked about.

Chances are that if more than two people ask you how to do something more people want to know how to do it but won’t ask.

Then when you are asked again – point them in the direction of the video which will get them used to using/searching for video.

What else would be ideal for a short video tutorial?

Have you found resistance to using video as a reference tool?


The eternal question

I know I know – I’ve not posted for ages, but I need to start to blog again – so where do I start?  As someone said when asked the same question ‘start anywhere’.

So – for a quick post, this caught my eye this week on the BBC  where Tesco, a large multinational supermarket was fined for selling half price strawberries contrary to trading standards.

Now I’m no apologist for Tesco but it looks like this was a technicality which they should have known (if that had affected the public buying the things I’m less sure about) but towards the end of the article Tesco said that they were offering ‘training’ to their staff to make sure that this didn’t happen again.

How often do we see this?  Someone did not ‘know’ or deliberately did not follow trading rules.  To me, this does not appear to be a process fault, just a basic ‘follow the rules’ issue – however, training is seen as the ‘cure all’ and has satisfied the court.  This could just be a simple communication piece, because this would probably mean ‘repeating’ the wording of the trading standard clauses.  How would they assess that this had been successful?  No more prosecutions probably.  But as with most of these ‘risk’ issues, by not having prosecutions, does not necessarily mean that people ‘know’ or could demonstrate that they ‘know’ the rules about sales.

So – what type of training do you think people are having?  And do you think this would just be head office, who make these decisions, or do you think the staff on the shop floor will be having emergency training? Is it training or communication?Strawberries